Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru

Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru

President of Drug Free World Africa

A youth influencer, motivational, inspirational, mentor, a coach and drug educator highly inclined to coaching youth to live meaningful life, drug-free life of African youths is her passion.

She worked and served as a community support worker in Waltham Forest,East London to the social model frame work, people with leaning disability, women faced with domestic violence and those out of long-time employment and to re-engage in voluntary work towards employment pathway.

During her service as a support worker, she was trained as Support Plan broker, a volunteered Citizen Advocate with Advocacy in Greenwich London. This gave her the opportunity to be a case worker to some service users, to sign post service users to different desired services and to have insight of challenges life pose due to mis-channelled life style. It became a puzzle to her of howshe may educate and channel under informed individual to live a meaningful life style always.

2012 London Olympic she was opportune to serve in O2 Arena as an ISS (integrated Security service) personnel working alongside with MP’s, Metropolitan Police and other security agencies to maintain the security and safety to the success of the Olympic games. During her service at the Olympic games, she observed the devastating effect of hard drugs on youths and noted that out of youthful exuberance and eager to please their friends’youths always ruined their lives.  Out of the five young people she spoke to that had a rethink and changed their live style, she met one of them after five years down the line and he treated her to a meal where he told her how magical the bold step,she took in discussing their drugs consumption and its effect on them without being judgmental has reshaped their lives. He also told her that the two other friends were doing well but lost contact with two others who couldn’t give up. China saw that moment as a wake-up call for her to intensify the campaign against drug abuse.

Her unquenchable desire to create avenue to empower people propelled her in floating some organisations such as Support4U Services Ltd, Mama’s Legacy group and Drug Free World Africa.

In 2018 the faith brought her close to the Drug Free World where she hosted an event powered by the Drug Free World London. From that moment Drug Free World Africa became inevitable.

2019 she became the anti-drug campaign activist, Drug Free World Campaign Team Leader London

As Master’s Degree Holder in Chemical Engineering- Rivers State University of Science and Technology Port Harcourt, a Bachelor Degree Holder in Biochemistry – University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State and currently working as an Allied Healthcare Professional with NHS London, she prioritises maintaining a positive life-style.

Working in voluntary organization made her felt the pleasure of fulfilment of putting smiles on people’s face and never stopped the quest to invest her time to empower people to live a meaningful life style.

Her joy lies in Philanthropic work, hence devoting her life style towards supporting, educating and empowering people to live drug-free -life.