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Providing Teachers and Parents The Resources they need to address drug related issues

Bridging the gap program

Drugs and substance abuse is a problem that requires all of us to be proactive, resilient, and responsible. It is both an individual and collective responsibility.
The Bridge the gap program teachers will be guided on the best way to fight drug abuse and establishes a system of communication and collaboration between teachers and parents to address drug abuse issues among students in schools and at home.
The goal is to improve relations between the parents and schools to share responsibility for the children’s care and progress.

This is important to

  • Help educators develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to teach students about drug use effectively and engagingly.
  • Provide teachers with the resources and support they need to address drug-related issues that may arise in their classrooms or schools.
  • Imbibe cultural behaviour discipline in students against drug misuse.
  • Improve communication and collaboration between teachers and parents to address drug abuse issues
  • Provide support and resources to help parents understand and address drug abuse issues
  • Encourage early intervention in addressing drug abuse issues before they escalate
  • Promote a supportive and positive school culture that is conducive to addressing drug abuse issues. It has also been proven how effective teachers were on the ones who were recently trained in substanceabuse- prevention. Therefore, teachers must acquire knowledge and understanding about drugs and the signs of drug abuse, and the necessary remedial actions to take in such situations.

Research has also shown that interventions aimed at improving family relationships consist of parent-teacher communication, partnership building, and providing parents with effective teaching and child behaviour management practices

Therefore, through this program;

  • Families and teachers would be able to identify signs of drug abuse early and provide complete intervention both at the home front and at the school front.
  • Teachers will be trained to provide Parents with inputs on child management practices such as how to handle diverse and difficult situations at home, and how children should be positively or negatively rewarded.
  • Teachers will be guided on the best way to fight drug abuse and how to enlighten the learners about drugs and the dangers of drug abuse, ways of resisting peer pressure to try drugs, and reporting coaxing into drug misuse by peer groups.
  • They will also be guided on the drug abuse first aid treatment services that may best address students/patients dealing with dependence upon those substances, and how to connect with the right rehab program for their needs.

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