Drug Free World Africa has unveiled another edition of “truth about drugs” leadership event held in Euston, London.

The second Edition of “Truth About Drug Leadership Event” Follows on at the heels of the first edition which as it were recorded a huge success.

The organization announced her 2nd edition of the “Truth About Drug Abuse” to be at Stratford City East London, UK on the 24th September 2022.

In the program, the leadership of DFWA had a retrospect on the success and consequently, challenges of the first edition and worked out mortalities on how to build on it.

One of the speakers pointed out that exposing the avalanche of lies and propaganda peddled about hard drugs is far from being enough, as such pointed out that DFWA should as a matter of necessity reach out to some reputable international Organizations for Partnership.

“Such partnership will help bring more expertise, sophistry and as well as fund to Combat hard drugs and equally equip the youths for life ahead”, he said.

Dinner night was held on the 25th where leaders celebrated the huge success of the first edition as it was recorded and equally reinforced for the battle ahead, because as it is said, the reward for hard work is more Work.

Awards were given to some of the leaders whose performances have been outstanding thereby encouraging others to keep pressing on eradicating drug abuse in the society.

The President went on to say that all hands must be on deck to ensure this second edition of “Truth About Drugs Abuse” Campaign outshines the success of the first one.

She concluded by saying that the future of Africa is in the hands of the Youths, as such that we will do everything possible to ensure our youths get it right…God Bless DWFA

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