Oyo State Chapter of DFWA held an Explosive Seminar Captioned “The Truth About Drug Abuse” On the 24th September, 2022.

According to the State Coordinator Mr. Adewuyi Baaki Adewale, so many falsehoods, Propaganda and Curiosities about the use of hard-drugs were demystified and thoroughly addressed.

He further stressed that many destinies have been ruined, many lives lost and many Dreams short circuited because unsuspecting people bought some cheap lies about hard drugs.

He went on to say that drugs like Tramadol, Codin, Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil and lots more which are believed to increase Sexual stamina and boost Libido could be very harmful to their internal Organs.

In the same vein, he enjoined our young ladies to be an embodiment of Virtue, epitome of Excellence and a looking glass for Future Generation, not an object of Sexual satisfaction, drug addicts, criminals and much more.

Mr. Adewuyi reminded them that they’re our future mothers and leaders, as a result, they should comport themselves in a way worthy of emulation and adoration!

He went on to discourage them from the use of Abortion Pills and harmful concoctions which are believed to terminate unwanted pregnancies, as that could damage their womb or destroy their lives.

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