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Our Catch Them Young Before Drugs Do sensitization program

Is designed to educate students about the risks and consequences of drug use, and help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about drug use. Through our student sensitization program, we are taking the message of drug abuse and its effects to primary and secondary, and higher institutions. Since drug abuse is driven by a lack of information, we can catch these young ones before drugs do by sensitizing the students on the truth about drug abuse and its effect.

The program includes a variety of activities, such as classroom instruction, group discussions, and interactive activities. The program sometimes also involves school debate, and guest speakers, such as substance abuse counsellors or former drug users, who can share their experiences and insights with students.
Evidence-based drug research shows schools play an important role, both inside and beyond the classroom, in preventing drug abuse. Our School-based drug education programs have proven to be an effective way to educate young people about the risks and consequences of drug use and help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about drug use.
It is, for this reason, Drug-Free World Africa has continued to engage schools and students with the simple goal of catching them young before drugs do. Our continuous school intervention has shown that early-intervention drug education within schools can
provide students with a variety of positive social skills. This includes:

  1. Increasing student knowledge and understanding of the risks and consequences of drug use.
  2. Helping the students develop skills and strategies for avoiding or reducing drug use.
  3. Promoting healthy decision-making and responsible behaviour among students.
  4. Providing support and resources for students who may be struggling with drug abuse or addiction.

We believe that education is the key to preventing drug abuse and we are committed to providing students with the tools they need to make informed decisions about drugs. We encourage all students and families to participate in this program and to take an active role in the fight against drug abuse. Together, we can make a difference in our communities.
We know that schools are facing many challenges today, and that’s why our program is flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs of your school community. Whether you’re looking for a one-time presentation or a longer-term partnership, we’re here to help.
Don’t wait, take action today and ensure that your school students know to make safe choices and stay drugfree! Contact us now to schedule a program and together we can make a difference in the life of the students.

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