Mr. Emmanuel Onyebuchi Ngoka

Mr. Emmanuel Onyebuchi Ngoka

Global Trustee and Fundraising Director- DFWA

He brings more than two decades of experience in humanitarian services, and social benefit initiatives. He was part of the establishment and operations of different organizations (profit and non-profit) where he equally served in leadership capacity.  Being a father of two beautiful daughters, he is an activist who wants a better living condition for the children. He is passionate in educating, inspiring and motivating young adults to lead a more conscious and productive lives through his inspirational writing, online and live seminars in local churches, schools and charitable organizationsin Nigeria, United State of America, and Eastern Europe. He has strong interest in the areas of human rights, religious tolerance, literacy, and drug awareness campaigns.

His education started at the catholic junior seminary, before graduating in Accounting and Auditing from the Abia State Polytechnics.He also studied Business Administration from Westcliff University Irvine, California, a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management from the University of CaliforniaRiverside,USA, and various professional certificates, including Information Technology, Finance, and Insurance.

Emmanuel Ngoka is the Executive Director of A-B HelpLimited in Prague, Czech Republic, a social advertisement company which provides free minibuses to variousless privileged children, seniors, and handicapped people’s homes.  He is also the founder of Awakening steps life coaching, for the well-being of the body, mind, and soul.

His mission is to awaken the consciousness of the youths and youths at hearts, to raise their awareness of their inherent potentials to making good personal decisions and to living a better life and more a drug-free-life.