Kano State chapter of DFWA has sensitized the students of the Government Girls Secondary School, Dukawuga in Kano state over illicit use of drugs

The sensitization which was held on the 22nd September, 2022 had DFWA speaking on the pitfalls inherent in the use of illicit drugs, like Codin, Fentanyl, Cocaine, Heroin, Methadone, Oxycodone and much more.

The State Coordinator Mr. Nura Sani has Stressed that our young Girls should focus on their studies and future in the ultimate and not on Sex or illicit Drugs as such are harmful to their health and dangerous to their future.

He pointed out that countless number of girls have pitched tenth with Criminal gangs, some have enrolled into Baby Factory, some into Full-fledged prostitution because of peer pressure and illicit Drugs.

Mr. Nura Sani expressed so much regret that many unthinkable diseases are flying all over the place because of the recklessness amongst our youths, particularly our Girls.

He concluded by reminding them that they’re the life wire of every civilization, as such they should comport themselves, shun illicit drugs and Premarital Sex.

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