DFWA Profile Goes Viral

DFWA, a nonprofit Organization focused on “Truth about Drugs” education has for the first time in two years of her operation showcased their working profile on different drug Education and Empowerment Programs. This move was carried out on the 3rd Of August, 2022 which was not just superb but as it were, marked a watershed in the history of DFWA. Millions of People were reached through their Facebook pages, Radio programs, TV shows and consequently were enlightened on different effective strategies adopted by DFWA to ruthlessly combat the incidence of drug Abuse In the same vein, DFWA has unveiled some new strategies they intend to adopt in order to intensify its battle on drug abuse and other factors that Impede the progress of African youths. Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru, DFWA president has made it clear that whatever feat the organization has achieved this 2years is only but a piece of the iceberg, and went on to make it unequivocally clear that effort is been made to expand the tentacles of DWFA to every nook and cranny of Africa in order to rescue youths from the shackles of drug abuse and poverty, and as well, equip them so they could be more relevant locally and internationally. She went further by making it crystal clear that DFWA is not only bent on eradicating drug abuse in the nearest possible time, but equally empower and equip the youths both with Cash and requisite Skills/ Knowledge needed to make them more useful to themselves and the world at large.

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