International Youth Day: DFWA Celebrates With Youths

DFWA has expressed her Love for the youths and most importantly her zest towards helping the youths maximize their Potentials the fullest. The celebration which took place on the 12th August 2022 had DFWA encouraging the Youth to stick to their home bred discipline and never for any reason let any more pressure or lure them into use of hard drugs like tramadol, Indian- Hemp and among others, which beyond every shred of doubt skyrocketed the rate of domestic violence. They were equally enjoined never to embark on unplanned journeys whether within or outside Nigeria or resort to the use of Illegal routes to European countries in search of greener pastures, because such is a serious crime, as such could attract serious punishment and worse still could jeopardize their lives and overall wellbeing. Additionally, they were admonished not to engage in any form of Crime, especially Cyber Crime called “Yahoo-Yahoo”, in our local parlance which is most prominent amongst the Youths in today’s Nigeria. Finally, the youths were asked to acquire profitable skills as mere being educated is not enough in our Contemporary Nigeria considering the current state of the economy.

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