Addicts Renounce Drugs, Join DFWA Kaduna Team

DFWA Kaduna state team has added two new members among the twenty people who had given up on drug misuse in Kaduna state.

The Kaduna state representative shared photos of their sensitization walk against drug abuse held on the 28 of august 2021 with drug addicts who renounced drugs and joined the walk.

On continuous support and follow-up, the team were happy to announce that two new members joined their team who were among the 20 persons that renounced drugs on the day of their city march against drug abuse and are presently doing well.

The drug addicts have volunteered to join the fight against drug abuse in order to liberate others from the same dilemma of drug misuse.

DFWA Kaduna state team are highly motivated to continuous sensitization to subdue drug Abuse and Illicit Substance in Kaduna

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