Early Drug Abuse on The Increase

Globalization and social media friendly age has got its good and the ugly. In addition to the children living in an uncultured environment, the unrestricted posting and accessing information on internet social platforms have exposed our children to feeding on information that adds little or no values to their lives. Children on the watch to feel and understand when their parents or guardian are involved in smoking cigarettes, taken drugs and to observe drug abuse as a fun interaction in social media has no guide on their moral stand than to confidently play on the drug abuse game innocently without proper knowledge on the consequences it holds to their future. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) statistics has it that 1 out of 7 drug users is between the ages of 9 and 11. And 1 out of 5 drug users in primary education. Presently the early years school’s drug abuse is an open game league to the point that teachers teach in fear and have falling to the mercy of the children they are to guide. According to Martha M. Butt, (1818), “All children are by nature evil and while they have none but the natural evil principle to guide them, pious and prudent parents must check their naughty passions in any way that they have in their power, and force them into decent and proper behaviour and into what are called good habbits”. Drug Free World Africa as much as we target youths, we are well positioned to engage parents and teachers who are empowered to control the adolescent passions of rebelliousness and experimentations. Youths of today consistently participate in problematic behaviours that negatively affects their academics, social and personal functions in society. And drugs abuse takes about 70℅ of influence over these deviant behaviours of youths today. For Parents, Symposia and Special Community Based Meetings are continuously organized across all locations with discussion centering on topics like: “Poor Parental Discipline, Monitoring of Children and General Effects”, “Psychological and Mental Health of Children”, ” The Place of Genetics and Hereditary in children Drugs Use”, The Relationship Between a Child Conduct and Drugs Abuse” etc. 2. Having Market Outreach where market women and mothers will be made to here through megaphones the need for proper care of children as a prevention from the incurable ills of drug abuse. 3. Teachers can be encouraged not only to focuses on the academic aspect of the child but to consider very importantly his social and mental life in school and out of school. We labour now to teach children no to Drug Abuse and gain their sanity and productivity tomorrow.

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ISO—A New Drug 20 Times Deadiler Than Fantanyl

What is ISO and why is it so dangerous? Drugs have been a serious societal problem since the psychedelic era. But since then, they have been getting steadily stronger and deadlier. From LSD in the ’60s, to crack cocaine and ecstasy in the ’70s and ’80s, the potential for addiction has steadily risen. In recent decades, the potency of marijuana (a gateway drug) has reached alarming proportions. As if that were not bad enough, the past decade has seen the appearance of highly addictive synthetic opioids and most recently fentanyl. Each has been responsible for unparalleled levels of addiction and drug fatalities. ISO can be found in different forms such as powder, crystals or tablets and is often mixed with other drugs. ISO can be found in different forms such as powder, crystals or tablets and is often mixed with other drugs. Fentanyl has already taken overdoses to a new level. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a record number of Americans have died from drug overdose.  According to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) statistics, over 14,300,000 Nigerians are active drug users and, approximately of 3,430,000 are female. 1 out of 7 is between the ages of 9 and 11. And 1 out of 5 drug users been dependents. Which is quite alarming; New drugs keep finding its way into the community and drug users keeps on the increase. We keep strategizing to nip the ugly monster, be part of the solution. JOIN the war on drugs!!!

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DFWA Marked 2021 International Day Against Drug Abuse

2021 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Drug Free World Africa Commend NDLEA For WADA Initiative Calls it Strategic Approach_ Engr China Knaru National Trend News reports that Engr China Nkaru the Intercontinental president of drug free world Africa on Friday 2nd of July in a press briefing commended NDLEA for the brilliant initiative of War Against Drug Abuse WADA. The War Against Drug Abuse (WADA) initiated by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), is not just a slogan, but a call to action, Engr China said on Saturday during a press briefing. She spoke at the launch of the initiative on a day that also coincides 2021 UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Engr China Nkaru went further to expanciate the composition of the activities that played on the 26th of June that is set aside by the united nation to mark the day. The day has the theme “Share Facts on Drugs. Save Lives.” It is annually marked on June 26 to strengthen action and cooperation in achieving a world free of drug abuse. According to Engr China the war against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is a war that must be fought by well-meaning citizens. “It is therefore my pleasure to support the declaration on behalf of the good people of Nigeria, a War Against Drug Abuse (WADA), not just as a slogan, but a call for civil action for all Nigerians to take active part in this war. “Let me say that this war is deadly than the insurgency we have in the Northeastern part of the country or the acts of banditry in the Northwest or acts of kidnapping that transcends all the geopolitical zones of this country because it is a war that is destroying three generations. ”I’ve seen clips of where grandparents are on drugs, parents are on drugs, and by extension, their wards, their children are on drugs. “So, this is a war that is targeting three generations in a stretch. ”I believe strongly that every effort must be put in place to ensure that we deal with the issues of substance abuse and trafficking and manufacture so that we can get to the root cause as ably elucidated by our keynote speaker this afternoon. ”I believe strongly, with every bit of conviction, that if we are able to deal with the issue of drug abuse, our security challenges will drastically reduce as we walk toward a drug-free Nigeria.” Engr China said NDLEA, implored Nigerians from every strata of life, including traditional and religious leaders, local leadership at every level, to be vigilant and to support WADA. Buhari charged the NDLEA to intensify efforts at ridding the country of criminal elements. NDLEA added that criminal elements had made forest areas their hideouts, from where they had been launching criminal onslaughts as well as for farming marijuana. “She suggested to NDLEA to develop a robust risk-communication and community engagement strategy that will not only disseminate the four pillars of the plan to responsible entities, but deal with destroying production sites and laboratories. “NDLEA should also break the supply chain, discourage drug use and prosecute offenders as well as traffickers, rehabilitate addicts and enforce relevant laws. “She want to particularly draw the attention of the agency to the fact that the use of many of our forests as criminal hideouts is because large swathes of cannabis plantations are hidden deep within those forests.” She also urged families, schools, Civil Society Organisations, professional associations, religious organisations, the academia, community leaders and individuals to work for the common good to rid communities of drug use and trafficking. She appreciated stakeholders and international collaborators, especially the European Union and the UN Office for Drugs and Control, for their unwavering support to the nation’s drug control efforts, including the development of a roadmap

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DFWA Builds Strong With State Representatives

Overall Tour Of DFWA President China Nkaru & Director Peter Unadike Across Some States In Nigeria Reflecting on the overall tour of DFWA President China Nkaru and the Director Peter Unadike across some states in Nigeria while reaching out to the States representatives. Close door meetings were held geared towards enhancing and promoting DRUG FREE WORLD AFRICA across the represented states. DFWA President Ms China Nkaru on arrival from London held a meetings with different stakeholders and representatives across the country with focus on states with mega projects like Imo State. This gave birth to the inauguration of Imo state chapter of DFWA with Dr. Hector Anorue as the state representative. Also present is Chief Samuel Egbe, the Chief Editor of DFWA coming all the way from calabar to contribute his quota in the epoch meeting in Imo Sate.UBDC and IHV were ably represented by Mr. Bright Ugochukwu and IHV state coordinator Hon. Ejimmadu respectively. The icing in the cake was the presence of the Hon. SA on Health to the Governor of Imo state Dr. Lina Okereke whose presence further highlighted the commitment of DFWA in reaching to the echelon personalities in a bit to achieve her goal towards ensuring drug free society.There was cross fertilization of ideas and projection of what needs to be done to achieve a collective purpose and objective.The representatives all expressed joy and excitement over  Ms China’s presence  in Nigeria as it brought about more confidence and conviction what need to be collectively done to enhance the presence of DRUG FREE WORLD AFRICA across Nigeria and Africa at largeIt was particularly heartwarming to have a personality like Hon. Dr. Lina Okereke, SA Health to the Governor of Imo state, A global trustees of DFWA who by reason of the outcome of the meeting made a strong commitment to give her all to ensure that DFWA is relevant in Imo State to the effect that it will be a common brand in the lips of all and sundry in Imo Sate- DRUG FREE YOUTHThe first DFWA representative resident in the Federal capital territory Abuja, Mrs. Okwuchi had the singular honour of hosting double giants of the organization; Ms China Nkaru the amiable president DFWA and Mr. Peter Unadike Director; one of the strongest back bones of the group. It was a rare privilege all State representatives will savor and we all look forward to enjoying same privilege as State repsIt is worthy of note to recognize the presence of DFWA president in Port Harcourt wherein she anchored with the Rivers Sate DFWA representative Mr. Ewuzie Onyeka and his Deputy Mr. Vincent Egbe at Hotel the Presidential Port Harcourt. Emphasis was on the need to expound the scope of the executive to help explore the full potentials of Rivers State. The outcome of all the meetings were mind blowing. We are moving forward towards free drug world Nigeria, drug free world Africa and drug free world youth beginning from Africa.

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