Drug Free World Africa Rivers State Chapter on 2000 Man March on Drug Free Rivers State

On the 13th November,2021 Drug Free World Africa Rivers State Chapter staged a 2000-man march, holding the city of Port Harcourt River Side stand still watching dramatic campaigners as the sing not to drug abuse round the capital city of Rivers state.


200 Man March Stop Drug Abuse Walk was led by DFWA Rivers State Representative Mr. Ewuzie Onyeka and his deputy Mr. Jide Adepoju followed by enthusiastic youths and other stakeholders visibly spotted was NDLEA and others on sensitization awareness “TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS”.

Remarkable impact was made across length and breadth of Borokikiri axis of Rivers state and it environ, a known arena with history for the highest chain distribution of drugs in Rivers State. It was a huge success the key partners were on ground supporting the epoch event with enthusiastic youths trooping in their numbers to campaign against the abuse of drugs. The area of highlight was the chosen venue and environ of the event. The location is widely recognized as the most populated location where drugs are not only abused by youths but by pupil in the primary and secondary school hence the need to create the awareness in the most auspicious manner. Youths got the message that Drug Abuse is not a way forward but disrupt future.

The TRUTH ABOUT DRUG ABUSE CAMPAIGHN was far reaching and was further amplified by various partners like NDLEA, Red Cross Society of Nigeria, Nigeria Police Force, Road Safety and Nigeria Television Authority among others who through their contribution made our voice louder especially Nigeria Television Authority who projected and promoted the program through a life telecast  across Nigeria and beyond and ongoing tele news.

The team of DFWA body working behind the scene to initiate and strategies on community NO TO DRUG ABUSE outreach programs are amazing and we extend community appreciation to them especially the amiable President, Ms Chinagorum Nkaru for her exemplary leadership and support. Dr. Lina Okereke SA on Health, Imo state for her contribution, Rev Peter Unadika for lending his voice, Timi McQuade and Mr. Emmanuel Ngoka for facilitating and providing us with various materials that made the program most colourful and to the rest the team in the Drug Free world Africa family, we say a big thank you for offering us this enviable platform to serve humanity in the most special way.

DRUG FREE WORLD AFRICA, Rivers Sate chapter is making effort to reach out to some organization as a collaboration to provide 50 persons with different category of craft as an avenue to empower them in a well-tailored programe.

With what we have achieved so far, it has further emboldened us to take the next outlined step which is football 4 man team tournament in the same community which comes up sometimes in 2022 to further drive home our point in getting the grass root vulnerable youths involved in a healthy and reward competition that will see all four teams as winners. This is to give hope both to victims of drug abuse and would be victims that there is a beautiful future for them without drugs and most importantly we want to choose a couple of them as DRUG FREE WORLD AFRICA AMBASSADORS who would have shown reasonable commitment to change with clear evidence of non-involvement in drug activities. They will in turn mentor others and the chain will continue until reasonable number is won back and fully integrated back to the society.

Drugs Free remains a pre- requisite to qualify for these larges so as to make them worthy citizens.

It’s a wakeup call to be part of history across the world as we lend our voices to collectively say NO TO DRUGS and YES TO GREATER FUTURE OF TEEMING YOUTH


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