Community Health Is Wealth Campaign Educating on Drug Abuse Related Health Issues.


Drug Free World Africa triggered the 3R gospel of the Imo state Governor,Dist.Sen.Hope Uzodinma who was equally on fire this summer especially on the Health of the entire Imo Women and continuing to the communities yet unreached. It is one of the cardinal programmes of the peoples Governor to ensure healthy Health for ALL Imo Women. Two extra-large community’s vis-a-vis ARO-OFEIMO community in Okigwe LGA and EZIHE community in Isiala Mbano LGA were given the 3R message of Health Awareness/Screening on the topic: Family Health; Dangers of Drug Abuse and Cancer for Health Education on the 17th and 19th of August meetings, respectively.


The good health campaign led by the Special Adviser on Health, Hon.Dr.Lina Okereke, coordinator Drug Free World Africa Imo State Project which is totally free dwells on awareness of several health issues and adverse effect of self-medication which could unveil as drug abuse. She stressed on the importance of seeking for doctors’ advice and prescription for any drug intake. She prompted parents to develop good drug management approach at home to reduce exposing children to reckless drugs interaction from early stage of life. She also charged parents to be proactive in observing early signs of changes in attitude and behaviour in their children to enable early intervention in children’s drug abuse which is key to disengage them from drug addiction.

In addition, a voluntary screening of Hepatitis B, Malaria parasites, Cancer screening, Diabetes, HIV 1 &11 and Treatment Prescriptions was given to all participants. The entire community were extremely happy and expressed surprised that the programme was first of its kind ever witnessed in their life time kin the community.

Irresistibly and interestingly as the programme turned to be, the communities women asked Hon Dr Lina Okereke to relay their appreciation and total support to DFWA and the Governor. Meanwhile, the news of this programme has gone far and wide as many communities are calling for share equity of Hon Dr Lina Okereke’s Health FREE Health screening and enlightenment and Governor’s magnanimity.

Drug Free World Africa reassure them of the interest not to make the campaign an August/Summer thing but on going, day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year to create pathway to reduce youth community health issues, drug abuse and in turn prevent crime in the local community.



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