DFWA Borno State Marks International Day against Drug Abuse with Other Stakeholders

DFWA Borno State Chapter has joined other agencies to mark the June 26th International day against drug abuse and illicit substance trafficking in Maiduguri the capital city of Borno State.

DFWA Borno in collaboration with other agencies such as the Nigeria drug law enforcement agency (NDLEA) took the drug-free world message to residents of the state.

The event had in attendance school children, government officials, paramilitary operatives, and other residents of the state.

The state rep of DFWA spoke to the participants on the dangers of drug abuse and the need to keep on hammering on this issue.

He stated that young people are been indulged in the illicit use of drugs with the notion that it is nothing and fun to do.

According to him, some young lives are lost due to the use of harmful drug substances, as a result of peer pressure and other factors.

 He further stated that some families have no idea what their children do outside their homes and hence the need for drug abuse awareness among the young and old.

The event was brought to a close with a question-and-answer section.

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