DFWA hails Drogach for “No to Drug Abuse” campaign in Czech Republic

Drug free world Africa has praised the Drogach team for a good campaign against drug abuse in Czech Republic and urged them to keep up the good work.

The Drogach Czech Republic team work was presented as a benchmark to the DFWA house on 6th of July 2022 by Mr. Emmanruel Ngoka a prime member of DFWA who lives in Czech Republic and works with the Drogach team.

Speaking during sensitizating members, Mr. Ngoka shared an unimaginable achievement of the Drogach team as a point of encouragement and motivation for the DFWA Leaders, members and partners to keep up the good work in promoting a drug free society.

“Czech Republic, is a country with a very low population but high rate of drug abuse and campaigns like this will go a long way to keep youths informed.

“As much as we are Drug Free World Africa, we also believe that drug abuse is a global issue and one good way to tackle it is to do what we can wherever we find ourselves”, he said.


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