DFWA Kaduna State on School-School NO to Drug Abuse Education “Catch them Young Before Drugs Do” Project.

Drug Free World Kaduna State chapter on DFWA Secondary School Project of School -School No to Drug Abuse Education centred on early awareness of drug education to schools to catch them young before drugs do, visited Nuba Royal Academy.

Nuba Royal Academy one of the schools in Kaduna State Nigeria benefited from the exercise of School-School No to Drug Abuse when visited by the DFWA Kaduna team on 25th February 2022.

“Truth About Drugs” in students form and inclusive awareness section

By Rev. Lazarus Tena who led the team in the program spoke to the kids about the importance of refraining from drug abuse or any form of drug intake.

The kids were overwhelmed with the eye-opening lectures given to them by the team on consequences of drug abuse. Students asked questions bordering them which were answered with role play participation and interactive section.

Students asking questions and sharing experiences We got to know about a new drug called 7days that is in circulation and the process of its incubation and fermentation.

According to Dr Tena Lazarus, the children were free to identify with us and made known some of their challenges they face at home and peer pressure. They shared their knowledge on new drugs inventions and of a particular one they called 7Days which they had tested and narrowly escaped death. They said 7Days is a concussion of different dry gins, human faeces and root liquid extract which has complicated stages of preparation of 7 days buried underground or around dirty hill in a bottled plastic. They said the drugs results to instant madness when taken and its newly invented in the community leading to group youths’ madness.

“Some kids opened up to us on their intake of drugs in the past and asked what they could do to make things right” and they were reassured of the organisation support ad further protection of their vulnerability.

The outcome was inspiring led to requesting for subsequent visit to train School Based Drug Free and Counselling Team among the Teachers to help them deal with the issue better before reporting to DFWA.

Teachers- Parents No to Drug Abuse Education was identified to coach and council them and raise No to Drug Abuse Ambassadors within them for ongoing on to drug education and moral support within.

We are happy we took this campaign to this younger generations and we will continue in our efforts to eradicate drug abuse in Kaduna State and Nigeria as a whole to Africa at large, he added.

Students interactive section on NO DRUG ABUSE
Student’s role play on NO TO DRUG ABUSE
It was glorious as we got students who have taken drugs before and now regretted ever testing it and promised never to try it again.

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