DFWA sends a drug-free world message to Christians as they celebrate Easter

DFWA commemorates Christians all over the world during their Easter celebration with a message of “Freedom From Drug Abuse”.

The Christians were further admonished to allow good Friday to bring the magic sparkle of a good life and asked for divine strength to break the addiction.

“Let good Friday bring the magic sparkle of the good life we desire we pray for the power of the crucifix to overtake us to break free from addiction and drug abuse and resurrect to fulfill divine destiny”

The celebration period was utilized by DFWA to send a drug-free world message and educate Christians on the reflection of the life of the crucifix and the need to abstain from drug abuse.

Continuing in the spirit of the Easter celebration, DFWA summed the Easter message with an online seminar tagged “FREE FROM DRUG ABUSE”

The seminar which was held on the 16th of April 2022 was a zoom meeting and had in attendance pastor Rukky Ayi and Dr. Etta Hannah as guest speakers in the event.

Participants were thought the effects of alcohol use and abuse.

Dr. Ettah stated that alcohol stirs up aggressive behavior like violence, homicide, suicide e.t.c

Participants tabled their questions to the speakers as 5 youths gave up on drug abuse after the seminar.

DFWA Team urged youths and others involved in drug-related crimes to remember the death of Jesus which was for their salvation and say no to drug abuse.

The team emphasized that Easter is a time to overcome addiction and draw strength from the power in the life of Christ.

DFWA urged everyone to say no to drug abuse because it does more harm than good to any individual involved and kills eventually.

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