Nasarawa Youths Benefit From Truth About Drug Abuse Program

Drug Free World Africa Nasarawa State chapter has held a sensitization exercise against drug abuse amongst youths.

The sensitization which took place at youth centers around the state was held on the 27th of February 2022 to enlighten youths on the dangers of drugs and their abuse on individuals and society at large.

The representative of Drug Free World Africa in Nasarawa State, Mr. Christopher Francis encouraged the youths to flee from illegal consumption of drugs and other harmful substances for their betterment and that of the society at large.

He sensitized them on the numerous benefits of living a drug-free life and hammered on the unending dangers on the other side which includes death.

“There is no gain in the consumption of harmful substances or abuse of drugs, before you yield to peer pressure or environment, think about your future, your parents, and the generations that will come after you.

“ask yourself, If I do this now, how will it better my life, that of my generation and society at large”

“Drug abuse is a thorn to the flesh, therefore run away from it” he stated,

He also enlightened the youths in all the centers visited about DFWA and their campaigns against drug abuse.

Questions were asked by participants about drugs and their abuse which the team provided answers to.

The success of the program was capped with the youths showing appreciation to DWFA for their investment in youth development.

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