War On Mkpurummiri: Drug Free World Africa holds First Seminar of the year January 20th 2022 on Mkpurumiri (Crystal Meth) Youth Destroyer

Drug Free World Africa in their trail blazing strategy held their first seminar centered on the dangerous effects of Crystal Meth popularly known as Mkpurumiri in Nigeria.

The event which took place on Thursday January 20, 2022, had a discussion panel was centered on finding a more conventional and strategy way to fight the availability and consumption of these substances.

Tagged ‘Mkpurummiri (Crystal Meth) The Youth Destroyer Part 2’, DFWA x-rayed the dangers associated with the substance which its abuse has been on the rise across the continent.

They looked at the most strategic was of ensuring that the curves of both the demand and supply of these substances are flattened.

The event which was held virtually on Zoom had people joining on both the virtual meeting platform and Facebook Live across the globe.

Panelists include: Alice Romero, the Deputy Executive Director Administrator, NARCONON United Kingdom; Dr. Lina Okereke, Special Adviser on Health to the Governor of Imo State, Nigeria; Rev. Lazarus Terna, DFWA, Kaduna State Representative, with Emmanuel Ngoka serving as the host.

Watch full session.

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