Wendy Shay Speaks About Her Coacaine And Weed Addictio

DFWA says every woman should give it all it takes to educate their children toward zero tolerance to drug abuse, drug experiences is a set back.

Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay who has always declared herself as the Queen of Ghanaian Music and the “Ghana Beyonce” has in the latest post addressed issues pertaining to her been hard on some drugs like cocaine and marijuana which is popularly known as “weed”.

Taking to her insta stories, the musician revealed that she is not high on any drugs and is very fine and in good else which is contrary to what her recent pictures have portrayed.

In Wendy Shay‘s latest trend pictures, she not only has become lean, but she also looks depressed and seems like someone who uses hard narcotics

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Reacting to it she wrote saying;

Depression, it is not in my dictionary and no, I am not on drugs . . . I am not depressed. I am in the best place. Since I was born, I’m on time that I’m extremely happy. I’m in the time that I have inner peace. I’m in the time I have everything I need as a woman, as an artist. This is the time. I have so much confidence in myself and nobody can take it away from me.

Don’t judge a book by its cover because when I begin to preach Gods word some people are going to go back. Don’t judge things by the way I look; I do things for a reason

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