Drug Free World Africa Takes Drug Campaign to the Heart of London, London Victoria.

Drug Free World Africa Takes Drug Campaign to the Heart of London, London Victoria

Drug free world Africa is an intercontinental organization, a non governmental and non profit anti-drug campaign organization with a rehabilitation concept and youths engagement projects.

The team distributed Drug campaign booklets, signposted two persons to the parents body who have been struggling to come off Drugs.

Drug Free World Africa Campaigned in London Victoria about drug in a bid to help people living with addiction turn a new live.

The team which comprises of China Nkaru , Peter Unadike and Timi McQuade played host of the drug campaign in London Victoria. Their effort was recognize by the Councl of Westminster Her Majesty, DFWA presence and work in the heart of London Victoria merited the recognition of Her Majesty, a Lady representative came out to congratulate the Team.

Driving through, the work of DFWA London is to strengthen the focus point of campaign “Africa” where the drug menace is crippling the youths.
In many states of Africa especially Nigeria DFWA campaign is gaining momentum. On 28th August 2021 DFWA Kaduna Chapter went on Drug War Rally and 20 youths came out to declare no more drugs and are ready to go clean from drugs. DFWA will do more to support them to live quality life.

Cross Rivers State woke up to anti-drug campaign by the DFWA Cross River State Drug Rally on 15th May 2021. DFWA CRS went on the streets, walking out drugs in CRS Communities, penetrated drug den, educating them on Truth About Drugs and catching them young before drugs do.

DFWA Drug War Began ready to drug-Free-Africa. Watch the space as so many anti- drug campaign projects unfold across Africa.

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