Showcasing “Truth About Drugs” at Cummunity Events

DFWA Introduces “Truth About Drugs” at Igbo Festival

Drug Free World Africa has showcased “Truth About Drugs “on Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture (IFAC) Day, 16th July 20-22 at Jubilee Park Enfield, London.

Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru, the president of DFWA who hosted the program said that “Truth About Drugs” holds no barrier and should be shared anywhere, anytime and anyplace to serve as a multi-viral channel to reach communities across the globe.


She further stated that the mission of spreading “Truth About Drugs” is to raise a generation who will remain free from the ravages of drug abuse.Addressing drug abuse challenges in communities and cultural settings, Members of DFWA shared 1,500 “truth About Drugs” booklets in the Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture (IFAC) event London, with over 10,500 participants, 93 ethnic groups of Igboland and 35 vendors.

The Team Energy attracted like minds as youths engaged and share their experiences in a fight against drug abuse. Diverse groups interacted on “Truth About Drugs” and Wider audience captured.

“Truth About Drug” Tell Stotries at Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper Day


Truth About Drug: DFWA showcased truth about drugs at  Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper Day

 Drug Free World Africa has shared “Truth About Drugs” booklets at Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper Day which was held on 23rd July 2022 at South East London.

A visible impact of the no to drug abuse was commended by the Prime founder of Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture Mr. Obi Okoli who expressed his gratitude to DFWA on their proactive act to educate youths in different events.

According to him, DFWA is always spotted in most events passionately educating on Truth About Drugs which is keeping youths informed of the dangers of drug abuse and encouraging them to live a drug free life.

Responding to Mr. Obi, the President of DFWA thanked him and said it gives DFWA joy to know that people appreciate what they do and that the organization will not stop until the last child standing stops drug abuse.

Mrs. Timi McQuade, one of the frontline directors of DFWA joined words with the president to say that DFWA will keep spreading the No to Drug Abuse message until youths will find their Highs in their Passion but not drugs.

During the event, an outstanding personality Actress Ms Abigail Nwachukwu and a young Ghana artist endorsed the good cause of the organization by wrapping truth about drugs in a promotional music identified with DFWA showing readiness to propagate the “Truth About Drugs” message.

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