DFWA celebrates Democratic day geared toward “a drug free world” in Imo

DFWA Imo state chapter Empowers Democratic Day geared towards a `drug-free` community with a “No to Drug Abuse Campaign” in the state.

The democratic day is celebrated all over the Nation on June 12, DFWA commemorating the event in the state has called for a drug-free state.

SA Health Imo State Hon. Dr. Lina Okereke (DFWA project facilitator) during the event called on the leaders of the state and the Nation at large to play their role in the fight against drug abuse.

Hon. Dr. Lina Okereke stated that lack of quality education and provision of social amenities among others, leads children to the use of illicit drugs as a means to forget their troubles.

She stated that the productivity of any nation, state, or organization depends solely on the productiveness of the children/youths in it.  

“I`m Urging the Leaders to pay attention to school to provide all basic amenities and other provisions necessary for teachers to give adequate education to school’s pupils. This will enable students to learn in a conducive environment and acquire good education to be productive and not to engage in drug abuse”

“Sometimes children are frustrated and led into the use of drugs as a result of inhabiting in an unconducive environment void of life privileges,” she said,

Hon. Dr. Lina Okereke who also doubles up as the SA Health Imo State added that productive children are a productive economy.

She urged the government and other well-meaningful Nigerians to invest in the good future of the children and prevent them from getting to do drugs.

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