DFWA storms Myrrh School Kaduna with `Catch them young` Before Drugs Do” campaign

 Drug Free world Africa understanding the need to sensitize the younger generation in the fight against drug abuse launched the `catch them young` Before Drugs DO” campaign in Kaduna.

The campaign headed by Rev. Lazarus Terna the state rep was held at Myrrh Schools on 1st June 2022 in where the SS1 and SS2 students were exposed to the dangers of drug abuse.

 DFWA having the interest and healthy living of every child at heart have taken measures to reach children of all classes and ages.

The team identified the treasure in Myrrh School children and went all their way to educate them to treasure their lives, their future, and their loved ones and not to get tangled with drug abuse which is a Destiny and life destroyer.

During the event, children were allowed to ask questions and share their experiences using drugs with the team and other kids for proper guidance, explanation, and correction.

 Rev. Lazarus Terna speaking to the kids told them they needed guidance from their parents, teachers, and elders to be able to overcome the evil of the times, therefore should always listen to their advice.

“Children need to be guided, to avert and overcome the evil of the world, pious and prudent parents must check the naughty passions of their children in any way that they have in their power, and reposition them into decent and proper behaviour and into what is called good habits, Under good parents and teachers’ guardian’s children will ride and fly in golden colours free from drug menace,” he said

It was a memorable day for the kids in Myrrh schools Kaduna as they learned what wouldn`t ordinarily be taught in the classroom about drugs, their abuse, and their dangers.

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