Dangers of consuming online commodities especially drugs

DFWA educate youths on the dangers of consuming online commodities especially drugs.

DFWA has held an education program for youths on one of the most common risks of online shopping emphasizing its consequences.

The inter youth virtual conference held on 5th April 2022 highlighted the dangers of youth drug bubbles.

In the virtual meeting, peer pressure was considered a major factor that has led many youth to buy drugs online or via channeled routes without clear knowledge of what they are buying.

A case study was that of Damilola Grace Olakanmi, a 23-year-old Nigerian business law student who died in the UK after eating a suspected cannabis sweet.

Damilola, from Ilford, east London, and the only child of her mother, bought the ‘gummies’ through a messaging application and they were delivered to her home on 29 March.

After consuming the gummies purchased online, she died afterward, leaving her mother devastated.

Young people were encouraged to seek help if they are coaxed or groomed to buy drugs or take drugs they know nothing about.

They are advised to consult their physicians always before purchasing or taking any form of drugs to avoid what happened to Damilola.

The question and answer section marked the end of the conference with participants beaming with smiles for knowledge gained.

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