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DFWA Nasarawa sensitize group on dangers of prescription drugs to the body

Members of Drug Free World Africa Nasarawa state chapter held a sensitization program on the dangers of prescription drugs to the body.

The sensitization program which took place on the 3rd of April 2022 was led by the state representative Mr. Christopher Francis.

Speaking on the dangers of self-medication and the constant use of pain-relieving drugs Mr.Francis said that self-drug Prescription is a general and innocent way of day-to-day drug abuse.

He added that it has resulted in drug abusers living dependently on drugs such as pain killers as a result of addiction.

“People have learned to teach their bodies to depend on the use of pain killer which results in making their immune system lazy towards protecting and healing the body from the pain”.

Youths were educated to engage in different forms of exercise to heal and overcome pain and avoid pain killers as they should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. He also stated that this enables the immune system to remain sensitive and fight diseases as it ought to.

 “Prescription drugs are becoming a generational pathway to drug abuse and something must be done to put an end to it. Use pain relief drugs only when prescribed by a doctor It enables the immune system to remain sensitive to every pain killer to defend and heal the body”

“The people we refer to as addicts are not only the people affected by drug abuse. People we consider normal people are also involved and if nothing is done, we might find ourselves at a point of no return for them”, he added.

One of the participants believed that drug abuse is likened to the intake of harmful substances like cocaine, and marijuana and didn’t see self-medication as drug abuse.

The sensitization ended on a good note as both the team and the participants were happy with the outing.

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