`Let us labor for a drug-free society` DFWA sends message celebrating workers day

Workers’ Day is celebrated on May 1st as a public holiday in Nigeria. It is part of International Workers’ Day, which is celebrated across the world, also known as Labour Day.

 DFWA has commemorated workers from all spheres of life, asking them to help in the labor for a drug-free society, stating they are strong and more than they think.

 The team appreciated workers and wondered how the workforce would have been without them and their amazing efforts.

“This is an occasion to commemorate and thank workers and laborers across the world for all the hard work they do. It’s promoted by the international labor movement and is celebrated internationally on May Day (the 1st of May) and we can`t hesitate to join in celebrating these wonderful and strong people, because we will always appreciate their efforts”, Engr.Chinagorum Nkaru stated,

 DFWA urged the workers and laborers to educate the youths on the truth about drug abuse as they celebrate their day, and in their various workplaces after today.

 “As we are Commemorating the workers and laborers whose vital work keeps countries and businesses across the world running smoothly, we plead with the labor union to educate the youths on the truth about drug abuse as we believe they will never depart from it”, she said.

 Workers Day has been a public holiday in Nigeria since 1981 and traditionally, people gather together on the day to celebrate with friends and family.

 The team stated that telling the truths about drugs to the younger generation by all labour teams will help eradicate drug abuse as they will never depart from it wherever they are.

DFWA facilitates with all workers all over the globe with the message, “let us labour for a drug-free society”

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