DFWA holds Conventional Meeting in London

DFWA holds a conventional meeting in London as the team visited Rev Peter Unadike the Director Trustee who lost his uncle who doubles as a father figure to him.

The team understanding the need to observe every time and season joined the family of its team member to commemorate the death of his uncle and used the opportunity to hold the London convention.

The visitation was part of the DFWA bereavement support program and face time members catch up.

It was a moment of bonding and reuniting for the London team as everyone was happy to meet with long-term team members and friends.

The meeting which was held in South East London had discussions on the non-folding strategies towards achieving successful M3-ADA.

Team members brought ideas, information, and strategies that would move the team forward and make the planned event a success.

DFWA never allows any situation to break them rather makes way for progressive events even in bad situations.

The event ended with pictures of team members as memories cherished at all times.

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