On the 21st through the 22nd of June 2022, DFWA Nasarawa state spoke on the LEADERSHIP RETREAT AND INAUGURATION program organized by the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN).

The team was invited to speak on NO TO DRUG ABUSE as the need for such a message is inevitable at a time like this when drug abuse is on the rise.

The Nasarawa state Rep Mr. Christopher Francis who represented the team as a delegate spoke at length to the participants on the dangers of drug abuse.

Mr. Francis speaks on the need to abstain from the illegal use of drugs and stated the dangers of drug abuse such as untimely death, mental ill health, and psychological meltdown.

The chairman of NYCN, Comr.Jaafar Muhammed Loko, expressing his gratitude to the team members for honouring their invitation, appreciated DFWA for the fight against drug and drug abuse in society.

Mr. Jaafar expressed his gratitude for the bold steps taken by the DFWA Nasarawa state chapter to address issues of drug abuse in their communities and at every gathering.

He further stated that drug abuser in their communities needs a radical awareness campaign and DFWA is on the right track.

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