DFWA Kaduna team has revisited Nuba Royal Academy School in Ungwa Musa, Kudensa, Maraba Rido, Kaduna State on their price giving day to however reward them for their unflinching commitment towards DFWA’s Campaign against drug abuse.

The Kaduna team representative, Rev. Lazarus Tema has encouraged the students to shun the use of hard drugs in all its forms and shapes in order to have a great future.

He said that Indiscriminate use of drugs has sent many promising youths to their early grave and many others are roaming the street mad and also pointed out that drug abuse has directly contributed to the explosion of crime and all sorts of social vices in our Society today.

Rev. Lazarus Terna, went on to remind them that their various communities and Nigeria at large is looking up to them, as such they should not for any reason nip their expectations in the bud.

Parents and Teachers were not left out in his admonitions as he encouraged them to steer clear of Drug abuse and most importantly enjoined them to give their Children closer attention, describing them as the moral compass of the youngsters. He went on to cite proverbs 29:15, a Child left on his own brings Shame to the parents.

The climax of the event was when the children were given room to ask questions, answers were given to their questions and Words of prayers were dropped on for them.

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