DFWA: Mega March Against Drug Abuse Attracts Cooperate Body’s Attention

The Mega March against drug abuse organized by the entire members of DFWA has succeeded in attracting many government agencies, private firms and even religious houses who have shown its support for the DFWA.

Rev. Lazarus, the DFWA Kaduna representative hinted the Organization that DFWA LOC office has staged a fight against indiscriminate use of drugs and as well exploited the opportunity to distribute its profile to different government agencies, Private firms, religious houses and the office of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, one of the front line 2023 presidential Candidates.

According to Rev Lazarus, some of the agencies, religious houses and Firms that called, spoke on the devastating and catastrophic effect of the rising incidence of drug abuse and how it poses serious danger to our civilization.

The Kaduna state representative stressed the need why everyone in his own corner should launch a ruthless crusade against indiscriminate use of drugs as “Battle against indiscriminate use of drug is a Battle every hand must be on deck to win” he said.

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