DFWA looks to Narconon Clean Rehabilitation For drug abuse victims in Afirca

As Drug Free World Africa look for better ways to fight drug addiction and rehabilitation in Africa, the group has looked at partnering with Narconon in the United Kingdom at the evet on 17/03/2022 Fitzroy Street London.gh

Narconon which uses Natural detoxification process through exercises to quicken rehabilitation of drug abuse victims widerly used in Western countries can be a way to clean rehabilitation of drug addicts in Africa.

Director Fitzroy House DFW Sarah Eicker introduces Narcono the modern drug detoxification new way to Clean Rehabilitation from drug addiction.

With DFWA leaders in the UK attending the Narconon Conferennce, the group sees it as another angle that can quicken the rehabilitation in Africa. They said a modern rehabilitation an answere towards reinstating drug abusers into the community.

DFWA Prsident, Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru who was present at the event alongside Morris Atula a DFWA a Patron and a pioneer DFWA Leader High Chief Tony Ogefere, said that Narconon is making rehabilitation a good experience, charging members of the team to work towards having similar facilities built in their respective areas.

With Director Fitzroy House DFW, Sarah Eicker introducing Narcono as the modern drug detoxification process and a new way to Clean Rehabilitation from drug addiction, Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru said the innovation is what the entire world should look up so as to be able to cope with the rising cases of drug abuse globally.

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