DWFA Cross River State holds outreach for street children in Calabar

On the March 11, 2022, outreach was held by Cross River State team members in the streets of Calabar to educate, inform and create awareness among the younger ones on drug abuse.

A team of five including the Cross River State Rep. Dr. Hannah Etta were present at the event and spoke to children aged 7- 14 on the dangers of taking hard drugs.

Dr. Ettah noted that In the streets of Calabar, Some of the teenagers who met were sniffing powdered glue out of pure water sachets, which intensified the need for the message against drug abuse.

“most of them were sniffing powdered glue out of pure water sachets, it was heartbreaking to behold such sights, that is the reason we need to still put all hands on deck to make sure we win this fight against drug abuse” Dr. Hannah explained.

Mr. God`swill John, the Cross Rivder State Deputy Rep of DFWA spoke to the older boys and made them understand the consequences of using harmful substances.

He insisted that if these children must stop abusing drugs, a lot more needs to be done by all stakeholders, beginning with getting them off the streets.

The kids were happy to be remembered by the organization and its members and called for more of their campaigns.

The Rep DFWA Dr. Ettah said food and raw food items were shared with the kids after the lectures.

” After the talks, courtesy of DFWA , we provided them with cooked food, food items(those that can cook), clothes to the bigger children and bought food from a local vendor for the younger children that specified their demand”

“Medical care was administered to a young lad who had an infected wound too” Dr, Hannah noted.

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