DFWA Support Victims Affected by Ukraine War

While DFWA is known for fighting drug abuse in society, the organization has taken a further step to help resettle victims of the war in Ukraine.

 According to the president of the organization Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru, the effort to resettle victims of the war in Ukraine will help motivate the beneficiaries to live the life they have always wanted.

 DFWA focused on two siblings who were keeping safe in the Hungarian capital Budapest while waiting for a British Visa.

 The two youths according to Engr. Nkaru has supported many of their friends to settle in different countries but had difficulties in getting a British visa.

 “DFWA remembers and works with youths anywhere they are to cheer them up and give them hope to keep positive and never take drugs as an alternative to their problems”

Engr, C. Nkaru stated that the siblings were taken to gig parties to help them have fun and think positive for a better future as DFWA was up to help them.

“They were taken to gig parties, City sightseeing, shopping, and boat cruise, which they enjoyed and cherished every single moment. They promised never to think of drugs as an alternative”

“They had a moment to think and live without problems. It was an unended joy of expression, as every little help to keep soul and body together helps save a life.

DFWA has vowed to continually support them to pursue their visa through different embassies till they get resettled.

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