DFWA commemorates Muslims on EID-EL-FITR

DFWA commemorates Muslim Faithful all over the world on the occasion of their EID-EL-FITR celebration with a message of drug abstinence.

 The end of the fast period was utilized by DFWA to send a drug-free world message and educate Muslims on drug abuse and its dangers to human health.

 The team emphasized that EID-EL-FITR is a time to deal with unwillingness and see to the eradication of illegal use of drugs.

 According to Engr. Chinagorum, it is important to educate the young’s on “Truth About Drugs” to make them enjoy peace from Allah.

She urged everyone to say no to drug abuse because it does more harm than good to any individual involved and kills eventually.

 DFWA Team urged youths and others involved in drug-related crimes to remember the fast and essence of EID-EL-FITR and say no to drug abuse.

 The team prayed that this special day brings peace, and happiness to all Muslim faithful and everyone at large, Wishing them Allah’s peace and joy in their lives as they mark this occasion.

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