Drug Free World Africa In Collaboration With Roll Ball Federation Ghana ( RBFG) Set to Subdue Drug/Illicit Substance Abuse In Ghana-Join the Walk


In a progressive meeting held between Drug Free World Africa and Roll Ball Federation Ghana (RBFG) on 28th October 2021 towards strategic approach to combating drug abuse and illicit substance miss-use by the youths in Africa. Drug Free World Africa President Engr. Chinagorum Nkaru stated that the consequences of drug abuse and its effect in the community can no longer be ignored. She made it clear that any African leader who is still sweeping the exigency call of tackling drug abuse in his country is making a big mistake and will one day wake up to find out the entire community has been mortgaged into drugs dealing. The time is now to fight drug war.

Engr Chinagorum said she can’t sleep and wait the youths of her clan continue to waste themselves in drug addiction hence Drug-Free World Africa (DFWA) collaborates with Roll Ball Federation Ghana to use sports to fight drug war.  Studies has shown that youth energy constitute the major facts youth are always in search of fun for live, activities to high and several means of engaging themselves. When these are not available the next step is to find high in drugs which without proper education, they will not understand that drugs will temporally give high but will not go low as of when demanded hence drug addiction to destruction. The dealers have vow to destroy our youths by telling hem lies “drugs make you high”

It is now or it will be too late to re-write the dealers message to our youths. DFWA has volunteered its platform for drug awareness campaign “truth About Drugs”. Subdued Drug Abuse road walk strategy for a community wider outreach SAY NO TO DRUG ABUSE. Say No To Drug Abuse Community Road Walk is currently spreading round the states of Nigeria, the headquarter of DFWA.  

DFWA in further proven analysis supports youths’ energy and passion for sport to be a practical means of engaging youth to deter them from drug dealing. Drug free world Africa then collaborate with Roll Ball Federation Ghana (RBFG) to use Roller Ball game to drive boredom and install passion for action in youth winning them over from drugs.

 Roll Ball is a team sport that combines aspects of basketball, handball, and roller sports into a single sport. This sport was introduced in Ghana in 2018 and is fully registered under the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana. It currently operates under the National Sports Authority (NSA) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ghana.

The sport is engaging, fun, and if given the right conditions and attention can become something huge and a great option for most of these youth who idle about and resort to drugs and other forms of deviant behaviour.

Collaboration of the two organizing will be a magic move to speak the language of the youth “SPORTS” getting them effectively channelling their energy and drive into other productive avenues.

Youth For Sports

Say No To Drugs Yes To Sports

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