Drug Free World Africa Unveils “Truth About Drugs” Carnival

DFWA in Collaboration with Drug Free World (DFW) has engaged the youths on a carnival Captioned “Truth About Drugs” in Notting Hill London.

The Carnival which took place on August 29, 2022 as it were was garnished with a lot of educative, Inspiring and entertaining programs, ranging from Mega Rallies and Awareness to Lectures, Counselling sessions, as well as talent hunt.

During the carnival parade a volunteer lectured, the Speaker who pleaded anonymity insisted that drugs like Tramadol, Coding and among others which are believed to enhance Sexual performances are very dangerous and injurious to the system of the users as they could cause Severe Head Ache, Myalgia/Back Pain, Visual Disturbances, Nasal Congestion and in some extreme Cases Death.

The Speaker equally forewarned the youths of the dangers associated with drugs which are intended to make people work tirelessly or become high, as those drugs could at best leave its victims with various dimensions of cardiac issues and at worst fasten the victim’s step to his/her grave. He ended by saying that youth can always enjoy their lives to the fullest without engaging into drug abuse.

The program which was not Just rich, but historic as Londoners enjoy a festive carnival made huge impact as countless number of Youths vowed never to abuse Drugs again and many volunteered to join in the campaign against drug abuse.

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