Passionate Youths in Ghana Shun Drug Abuse

DFWA Ghana has encouraged its youths to find passion in sports life rather than engaging in hard drugs and illicit usage of drugs.

The country member Mr. Johnson Gameh Kportufe at Afrobank Championship enjoined the youths to channel their energy to sports like football, basketball, tennis, Boxing and among others instead of idling around as an idle mind is a Devil’s Workshop.

Mr Kporfe Reminded them that men like Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd May weather and Michael Jordan all became billionaires through sports, and went on to say that lack of interest amongst the youths in sports especially our local leagues has gone a long way to relegate Africa to a disadvantaged position globally.

He stressed the need why the youths should shun drug abuse which has as it were increased crime rate and plunged many of our youths into regrettable, yet avoidable health conditions.

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