Mega Million March against Drug Abuse (M3-ADA) Goes to National Assembly FCT Abuja

poised to bring the fight against Drug Abuse to Abuja, DFWA embarks on a mega million march against drug abuse in the federal capital territory.

The Chief Editor of DFWA, Chief Samuel Egba at the National State of Assembly stated some strategies to carry out on achieving the best result and also having the best impact of Mega Million March against drug abuse in Abuja.

One of the strategies include the creation of projects towards youth employment and Rehabilitating Drug Addicts to re-integrate into the community.

With the help of the Project Committee Chairman Hon. Dr Lina Okereke, Different materials for the M3- ADA were made available towards the enlightenment of the project.

Rt Honorable Alex Egbona, member representing Abi/ Yakurr Federal Constituency gave his maximum support stating how pleased he is to see an organization like Drug Free World Africa taking on an aggressive step to de-radicalize youth against drug abuse.

He further expressed his regret that the national Assembly was in recess and promised to take it up to circulate and mega million march against drug abuse within the house.

The Abuja Mega-Million Drug-Free March will take place on October 13th 2022 to sensitize youths to abstain from drug abuse and live productive lives.

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