Most Challenging Epidemic in The Community


Drug Abuse is the most uncontrollable diseases destroying lives/properties & future of our youths/people.

Control of drugs and illicit substance abuse is also one major aspect of PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE DELIVERY instead of the normal practice of CURATIVE HEALTHCARE.

The phenomenon to cure most times damages some body organs and leaves us in the dark. While our children are developing Chronic Diseases and dying in numbers from ORGAN FAILURE (KIDNEY FAILURE, HEART & OTHERS) CANCER and MENTAL HEALTH unknown to us that this habit is acquired from one of the major but hidden causes, drug Abuse.

The United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes (UNODC) has said that 14.5 per cent of Nigerians are presently engaged in drug abuse. This portends a negative trend to the future of the country. 27.7 per cent of the14.4 per cent of those concerned were youths who should face their studies.  The great work of NDLEA has not gone un-notices in the fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking in the country.

As the above data reveals the degree increase and the danger drug abuse imposes to the lives and properties of the individual in the community the question arouses what do we do to combat it. One NGO has emerged DRUG FREE WORLD AFRICA (DFWA) for the fight against drug abuse and illicit substances. DFWA declared war on drugs with drug-free-walk campaign in all cities of Africa starting from Nigerian to create massive awareness of drug abuse and its effect hence “Truth About Drugs”.

Most importantly, DFWA strategy is a direct and indirect fight to subdue youth restiveness and other social vices in our communities and Imo State in general. Government cannot do it alone. This is achievable with the concerned effort of all hand on deck. I wish to call on all our illustrious sons & daughters, LGA authorities, Chiefs, Philanthropists, Churches, Schools, Universities, Hospitals & the allied, Institutions, Organizations, Ministries, Parastatals, Associations, and Several other Existing Bodies for Partnership with DFWA to make DRUG-FREE-WALK not just one-off campaign but a sustainable Project/Program to embrace making it impactful and educate our youth towards living a drug free life. Sudden Deaths, chronic diseases, sexual harassment, anti-social crime and insecurity in the community will be on the decrease.  

Under this Organisation, DRUG FREE WORLD AFICA in Partnership with NDLEA & GOVERNMENT IMO STAT, gearing towards aggressive Awareness, Seminars, Education, and Sustainable NO TO DRUG ABUSE Seminars “TRUTH ABOUT DRUGs” in our community.

Join the trendy awareness campaingn

Hon. Dr Lina Okereke

SA on Health Imo State

Coordinator, DFWA Imo State Chapter

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