To Achieve Mega March Against Drug Abuse DFWA Attracts a Big Name in Marketing Media

DFWA has attracted a prestigious name and image to itsself in the marking media due to its hard work, resilience and commitment to rescuing the people of Nigeria and Africa from the grip of hard drugs.

The Campaign Project Director of Mega March Hon. Dr Lina Okereke who has made this known to all thereby outlining strategies for target sponsorship, marketing, audience and stake holders.

she stressed that more firms must be reached out to for sponsorship and partnership as well, which would be achieved by showing them video clips of what the organization have achieved.

According to her, these video Clips would help to convince them that DFWA is very serious with its fight against the use of illicit drugs because seeing as they said is believing.

she hinted that more mega marches would be held, more fliers shared, seminars and workshops as that will help to reach out to more people and save more lives and at the other hand make our mission clearer to potential Sponsors and Partners.

“DFWA has already attracted a Big name to itself and will continue to do so as she strategises marketing team.

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